форд фокус 1 тюнинг

тюнинг фар на форд фокус (drum- проект)

2012 Ford Focus Electric

And it is not hard to drive efficiently in the Focus Electric. It not only coached me on braking, but kept me from exploiting its full torque on take-off. The combination of the 23-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack and 143-horsepower electric motor churns out 184 pound-feet of torque, according to Ford's spec sheet.

Between its driver-selectable instrument cluster display and smartphone app, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric offers up a lot of information about its electric drive system. I felt like I was back in college, immersed in a physics textbook.

However, it did not feel like the full amount of twist was hitting the wheels when I stomped on the accelerator. The Focus Electric picked up speed gradually, refusing to deliver the thump to the back I have experienced in other electric cars. This acceleration behavior seems programmed, a means of preventing enthusiastic drivers from draining the battery on launch. But it also interferes when traffic requires a quick start.

Confused by all these numbers, I just pulled up the screen that filled up with butterflies to reward efficient driving.

Instead of range, the Focus Electric showed a Budget in miles. Another screen referred to a Surplus. And then there was Status, which switched between a negative and a positive number. It was enough to make me pull out the manual and spend an evening studying up for the next day's driving.

У седана Лада Приора появились спецверсии Black Edition и White Edition

Из ныне выпускаемых моделей Лады наиболее часто подвергается тюнингу Приора, и АвтоВАЗ не преминул воспользоваться желанием покупателей иметь машины «не как у всех». В прошлом году завод выпустил партию Приор с двуцветной окраской кузова, а теперь к выходу на 
Источник: https://autoreview.ru/news/u-sedana-lada-priora-poyavilis-specversii-black-edition-i-white-edition

Croft: Practice Results (2)

Ashley Sutton MG Racing RCIB Insurance MG6 GT 1 minute 25.440 seconds 21. Aiden Moffat Laser Tools Racing Mercedes Benz A-Class 1 minute 25.470 seconds 22. Mat Jackson Motorbase Performance Ford Focus 1 minute 25.488 seconds 23. Ollie Jackson AmD
Источник: http://www.crash.net/btcc/results/231389/1/croft-practice-results-2.html

Mountune Unleashes Phase 2 Of Its Focus RS Master Plan

After announcing their Phase 1 upgrades for the all-new Focus RS at the beginning of May, tuning firm Mountune has just taken things a step further. Where Phase 1 focused more on styling upgrades and bolt-on performance parts, Phase 2 is about
Источник: http://www.carscoops.com/2016/06/mountune-unleashes-phase-2-of-its-focus.html

Oulton Park: Practice Results (1)

Ollie Jackson AmD Tuning Audi S3 1 minute 28.057 seconds 28. Alex Martin Dextra Racing with Team Parker Ford Focus 1 minute 28.073 seconds 29. Chris Smiley TLC Racing Toyota Avensis 1 minute 28.662 seconds 30. Daniel Welch Goodestone Racing Proton
Источник: http://www.crash.net/btcc/results/230988/1/oulton-park-practice-results-1.html

Что нового готовят создатели самых быстрых дорожных «Ниссанов»

Больше трех десятилетий компания NISMO строит успешные гоночные «Ниссаны», разрабатывает компоненты для тюнинга дорожных автомобилей, а иногда создает на базе серийных машин собственные модели. Но если сравнивать дорожные автомобили NISMO с работами 
Источник: http://motor.ru/articles/2016/06/01/nismo/

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